Hastaranteb company


Guarantee and after-sales service


Use the highest manufacturing technology


Expert technical and sales team

Years of experience in the production of laboratory equipment

The specialized team of Hastaranteb is constantly developing and updating its products

Use of smart boards in Hastaranteb devices

Performing quality control tests and quality assurance in all Hastaranteb products

Easy installation with suitable use to enhance the ease of use of devices

The presence of Hastaranteb Company in specialized laboratory exhibitions

  • Nine international congress and national congress of improving the quality of services of the Iranian medical diagnostic laboratory

  • Exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials (made in Iran exhibition)

  • Iran health international exhibitions, medical equipment, dental, laboratory and medicine equipment

  • International congress of laboratory and clinical located at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

  • International exhibition of chemical materials and laboratory equipment. (Shahr-e Aftab)

Hastaranteb Company, with its technical and sales experts has always strives to be able to obtain production licenses to provide reassurance to consumers of its equipment.

Hastaranteb Company data

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manufactured products
expert employees
years of experience

Production of all kinds of laboratory hood models

Production of all kinds of laboratory Bain Marie models (water bath)

Production of all kinds of laboratory autoclave models

 Production of all kinds of laboratory centrifuge models

Productions of all kinds of laboratory oven models

Production of all kinds of laboratory incubator models

Specialized team of Hastaranteb Company is ready to receive orders to manufacture various types of laboratory devices from design to production

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