(Boil & Serology Bain Marie (water bath

بن ماری جوش و سرولوژی
  • Generates controlled temperature from 37 ͦC to 100 ͦC
  • Available in volumes from 7 to 29 liters and more
  • Material: epoxy electrostatic steel or full steel
  • Timer and digital control
  • Increase temperature alarm
  • Sloping door
  • Ben Marie manufactured by Hastaranteb Company because of its special design and special grooves that have wide device elements inside which have a uniform temperature.
  • Digital temperature controller with accuracy of 0.1 ͦC
  • Adjustable water circulation system on customer’s request
  • PID control system with accuracy of 0.1
17 liters Volume device
29×13×50 Internal dimensions
33×28×52 External dimensions

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