دستگاه سانتریفیوژ آزمایشگاهی
  • 16, 20, 24 branches
  • Adjustable from 500 to 4000 rpm
  • Digital round display
  • Full digital control system
  • Steel body with furnace electrostatic paint
  • New design with different panel
  • Adjustable digital timer from 1 to 99 minutes
  • Equipped with safety switch, mechanical lock and door to enhance device safety
  • Has protective fuse
  • Voltage lowering transducer for greater safety with proper insulation
  • Engine power: 200watts
  • Head; 16 swing branches (the pipes rotate about 90 degrees)
  • Digital round reading system and software calibrated round
  • Engine cooling fan that automatically shuts off after engine cooling
  • Baguette with 16 100 and 12 100 and gamma tube on  customer’s request
  • Self-tune system
  • The possibility of round simultaneous reading and R.C.F
  • Door open alarm
  • Aluminum alloy head type is produced in the perfect balance of advanced devices
  • Baguette material: is a kind of ultramide fiber that is up to 10times more resistant to force

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