Chemical hood

هود شیمیایی

Frame and cabinet hood made of steel sheet, rust-resistant furnace electrostatic paint

The workbench interior is made of stainless steel (stone, ceramic, or Corinne on customer’s request)

Sink material: integrated stainless steel

Has a gas nozzle and water on the sink

With faucet and gas tap and power outlet

With UV control panel, LED and electric door

With adjustable weight and movable glass door in manually and electrically control by customer order

Ventilation fan with high round metal impeller with strong suction (Centrifugal fan with different strength and speed and anti-acid upon customer order)

Wavelength UV lamp is 185-245nm to sterilize for a lifetime

LED bulb with a lifespan of 50thousand hours and low power consumption and no heat

Hastarantebʾs hoods are available in models with electrical and no electrical door, with UV lamp, no UV lamp in various sizes from 80 to 240cm


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