دیونایزر آزمایشگاهی
دیونایزر آزمایشگاهی
  • Desktop and wall deionizer
  • Purity of outlet water less than 0.1 micro Siemens
  • Device performance based on reverse osmosis and ion exchange/Microfiltration equipped with R.O system
  • Automatic wash system that rinses all filters for 30 minutes and results in lower lab costs and increased filters performance
  • The electrical resistance of the outlet water-  18.2mΩ
  • Equipped with switch high pressure that prevents damage to parts when water pressure is high
  • With the low pressure switch that turn off the microcontroller device if the water stops
  • Material of Plexiglas and steel body with electrostatic furnace paint, resistant to decay and corrosion
  • Three outlet valves for water production, one for connecting water to biochemistry and the other for routine work and acid-wash and for flame photometer and the other for ultra-pure water
  • Automatic pump control system that stops the operation if the inlet water is cut off and the tank is filled
  • Has EC meter that show purity of presented water with accuracy of 0.01 micro Siemens
  • Has circulation system that results in increases the quality of the outlet water
  • Online monitoring of outlet water by measuring the electrical resistance of the outlet water
  • Has storage tank with required standards
  • Water Chlorine Removal System
  • Water removal ions system
  • Ability to connect to municipal water
  • Power consumption less than 2 watts per hour
Water Outlet Model
5 lit/h FNR 5
8 lit/h FNR 8
12 lit/h FNR 12
20 lit/h FNR 20
40 lit/h FNR 40
70 lit/h FNR 70
200 lit/h Industrial Deionizer

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