Incubator shaker

شیکر اینکوباتور
  • Digital incubator shaker
  •  Shaker motion is orbital
  • Full-steel body with electrostatic furnace paint
  • Stainless steel inner compartment
  • Adjust the temperature from 5 ° C above ambient temperature to 65° C with accuracy of 0.1
  • Have temperature warning alarms
  • Glass door
  • Shaker in orbital mode from 40 to 200 rpm with two rods to hold erlen
  • Fast brake and motion alarms
  • Circulation fan to keep the temperature constant throughout the machine
  • PWM temperature controller system with display and LCD timer
  • Self-calibration system
  • Graphic drawing system and installation of online computer
  • Permanent working engine
  • Timer from 1 to infinity

Attention: Incubator shaker with refrigerator is also available.

Bearing the load External dimensions Internal dimensions Device volume
12kg 49×55×108 36×37×64 55 liters

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