Pathology Hood

  • Ability to produce in 80 to 240cm width
  • Desktop body interior is made of stainless steel, has to part with movable floor
  • And also drain valves for washing and sterilizing
  • LED brightening system
  • Microprocessor smart board for all hood commands
  • Has the timer for the operation of filters and UV lamp
  • Socket with earth contact, made in china, Resistant to high power flow
  • Pre filter system that increases the lifespan of Hepa filters
  • Front hood safety glass control system by Japanese micro switches
  • UV radiation safety protection system when operating the device
  • Sensor to indicate room temperature
  • Power: 100watts
  • Frame and cabinet hood made of steel sheet, rust-resistant furnace electrostatic paint
  • Centrifugal fan with high-speed and low-noise
  • 1Hepa filter with purity 99/999%, standard quality in hood air inlet and hood outlet
  • Lamp with a wavelength of 185 to 245 nm to sterilize the hood’s inner compartment
  • Standard quality carbon active filter in air outlet to remove harmful ions and gases
  • Handheld glass hood door with balance weights and electric control with very powerful gearbox

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